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Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

Exterior Auto Detailing ServicesAll exterior auto detailing services include a thorough cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells, and a hand wash/chamois dry. This also includes removal of grime and bugs. Your car's exterior tires and trim are dressed, detailed and conditioned to be like new. Prices shown are estimates; actual costs depend on your vehicle's size and condition.

Convertible Top Cleaning and Conditioning


The cloth tops AKA "stay fast" material on many of todays convertibles can be damaged by environmental fallout causing spotting. Your cars cloth top is first cleaned thoroughly with a special cleansing formula for fabric convertible tops. Once your top is cleaned and dried we apply RaggTopp fabric protection so environmental elements can't harm fabrics. New service for 2012!!

Estimated Time: 30 mins

Engine Shampoo Service


Keeping your vehicle's engine clean can actually allow it to run at a cooler temperature, while making it easier to work on and increasing resale value. Your engine compartment is first shampooed using special degreasers and cleaners to break-down built up grime and grease build up on liquid containers, firewalls and valve covers. The dress the engine compartment with a low sheen non silicone dressing. Although we take many precautions not to damage electronic sensors, we're not responsible for any damage that could occur.

Estimated Time: 1hr

Cherry Wash & Wax


A one step polishing service for vehicles with the paint still in very good condition and no paint correction is needed. After your vehicle is prepped we clean it with our luxurious Black Cherry Wash then machine apply our Hot Cherry Wax to leave a sparkling shine. Offers up to three months of protection.

Estimated Time: 2hr

Over-Spray Paint Removal


Vehicles today can be subjected to over-spray paint from newly painted bridges, buildings, and roads. If nothing is done, this paint can become embedded into your cars clearcoat becoming difficult to remove. Using a claying procedure we can easily clean most over-spray paint from your vehicle quickly and safely. We also suggest an exterior protection service after Over-Spray removal.

Estimated Time: 2hr

Decal Removal


Decal RemovalIn 2007 we were given the opportunity to do something completely different and as you can see the end result is amazing! If you just purchased an old cruiser or if you are a local agency that needs this service we would be more than happy to help you.

Once the Decal Removal Process is completed we will then Wash & Wax the vehicle dress all tires, trim, & fender wells. "Does not include interior."

Estimated Time: 3-5hr

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